Precision 3D Print

Mold manufacturing for your prototypes and serial parts from the 3D printer. Cost-effective and extremely sturdy with a rapid development cycle.


Our company

PS 3D Precision Print based in Partenstein was founded in 2018. We produce prototypes and devices for customers in the automotive and metalworking industry. Our portfolio encompasses parts design, 3D printing and milling operations, as well as the complete construction of your parts upon request.

Model material

The model material is used to print the actual part.

3 different printing materials guarantee maximum flexibility and precision:

  • Standard material – high flexibility with minimal wall thickness
  • Heat-resistant material – up to a 100° C / 212°
  • Elastic silicon – heat-resistant (150° C – 200° C / 302° F - 392° F) for thin-walled, elastic parts

Elastic silicon printing material AR-G1L / AR-H1H
Heat-resistant printing material AR-H1
Standard printing material AR-M2

  • High-precision & tolerance of 0.05 mm

  • No shrinkage, as no heat is produced during manufacturing

  • Standard and heat-resistant materials are very similar to polycarbonate (PC)

  • Standard material for prototypes, spare parts, gripper systems, mounting devices, ducts and control gauges

  • Silicon for custom-fit suction cups for removal devices and vacuum grippers

Support material

Supplementary to the model material, we work with support material. It provides support and fills e.g. cavities in the model. This lets us achieve a higher stability during printing. The support material is then removed after printing. It’s water-soluble and especially environmentally compatible, as it is biodegradable.


According to your construction and planning the parts can be printed immediately. This substantially accelerates the development cycle. Costs are thereby reduced.


3 different materials to process


Maximum quality constructions


3D printing instead of protracted mould construction

High resolution

Wall strengths from 0,2 mm possible


Extremely robust, flexible and heat-resistant

Low tolerances

Coating thickness resolution of 15 µm

Data preparation

Preparation of CAD data for printing


Fast correction and design improvements


SMP Automotive Germany (produces parts for Daimler, AMG)

SMP Automotive Hungary

Formzeug GmbH & CO KG

Skrotzky Formenbau


You would like to realize your set of prototypes or 3D prints? Don’t hesitate to send us your non-binding request.